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Your partner for import and export. Since 1996.


Raw Materials Import & Export

We help you fulfill specific product requests and also provide a platform for your product offerings. We take both offers and requests for the listed products.


Garden & Furniture

We import furniture from Asia and offer a selection of products for wholesale and retail. - Unseren Lagerverkauf finden Sie unter dem folgenden Link:


Wine Export

We are the official partner of the winery Hex von Dasenstein for Asia related wine export and hold an exclusive export license.


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We also handle requests for other products to be imported or exported and offer consulting services for trade related ventures. Contact us and we will gladly be of help.

Who we are

Approved exporter: DE/SDE/3300/ZA/000049 ยท AEO - Authorised Economic Operator: DEAEOC 126814

TL Import Export Handels-GmbH is a Frankfurt, Germany based company that offers a range of import and export related services. We are experts with over 20 years of experience in the import and export of merchandise and articles of daily use from the Asian market area to the European and reverse, including:

Trusted Partner

We have an outstanding reputation in our industry, and are one of the first companies to receive licenses such as the AQSIQ. We assist in finding demand for your merchandise by providing a platform.

Established network

We have built and maintained a trusted network of partners from which we can procure large quantities merchandises according to your specific needs.

Quality Control

We can assist you in conducting on-site reviews of factories and warehouses, and in procuring merchandise samples before committing business. With many years of experience, we provide the expertise to ensure the high-quality of any offering.

Global and Regional Expertise

With partners and clients around the globe, we know exactly how things work in Asia, Europe and many more places. Our team of Chinese, English and German-speaking colleagues can help you communicate everywhere.

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