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Q: How can I get more information?
A: That depends on the subject of your query. 
- Do you want information on import and trading goods such as sun shades or housses?
- Do you want information on the export of secodary raw materials?
- Do you have secodary raw materials you would like to us?

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Weighing of maritime containers and delivery of goods

Q: Is it necessary for trucks and maritime containers to be weighed?
A: Yes. Prior to delivery of the goods, the empty maritime container as well as  the loaded container must be weighed. We do not have our own scales. So, please use the truck scales of
-  Frankfurter Entsorungs- und Service-GmbH - FES
- Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 16
- 60386 Frankfurt am Main
Next to Hanauer Landstrasse, distance: ca. 8 km, time to get there: ca. 15 minutes 

VAT-free delivery within the EU

Q: Do you sell to other EU countries?
A: Yes. Within the EU VAT-free delivery is possible provided that a valid VAT-ID is supplied. Please note the following important conditions:
• For commercial foreign EU customers their valid VAT-ID is definitely required!
• If the goods are shipped by a forwarder commissioned by TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH your valid VAT-ID will be sufficient.
• If the goods aren't shipped by TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH but picked up by a third-party forwarder we are obligated by the German fiscal authority to quote the VAT amount. We then need to verify that the goods were in fact exported abroad.This means we must check the forwarder for his particulars. For clearance a notification should be given by the ordering foreign company stating the forwarder's identity and the destination of the goods. We are sorry, but no VAT refund can be made unless this information is submitted.