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What's new?

Our current stocklot offers:

PEfoam7 PEfoam10

PE foam rolls, 20 pcs, ca. 2 tons; black, white, coloured


PE/PP fruit boxes, ca. 1 ton, bales

fleece1 fleece2

Fleece rolls, 1 load, white; small rolls ca. 100 cm, big rolls ca. 210 cm

PETfilm5 PETfilm2

PET film, 13 rolls, semi-transparent, on pallets, ca. 8 tons

PPPETstraps1 PPPETstraps6

PP/PET straps, 20 bales


TETRA-Pak rolls, printed, ca. 2 - 3 tons


EPS blocks, grey, ca. 6,3 tons, octabin

Do you have secondaryy raw materials, plastic scraps from production and processing that you want to sell? Here is our list of export items that we are constantly looking for.