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TL Import-Export Handels-GmbHlocated in Frankfurt am Main in the centre of Germany was one of the first companies to receive the AQSIQ licence for the export of plastic and paper waste to China. Our main business is the export of plastic scraps originating from industrial production and processing, waste paper and textiles wastes.

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TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH is a member of the board of BVSE (plastic dept.) and PRC-CPPIA (Plastics Recycling Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association). We work closely with chemical factories, industrial producers of film, electronic and automobile industries, paper mills from Europe especially Germany and almost all German recycling companies. We can deliver big quantities of industrial film, granulates, lumps and injection parts, OCC, newspaper, stock lots and PCMC milk and cup packages.

Thanks to our Chinese and Asian customers, our export has been expanding steadily. Our export goods have always passed CCIC inspection 100%. Our company can also supply inspection service and container loading, transport and CCIC application in Germany. We can also find the goods according to your request.

TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH has 5 Chinese speaking colleagues for your service.

Download: AQSIQ (PDF)
Download: Certificates UAE 01 • UAE 02 • UAE 03 • UAE 05a • UAE 05b • UAE 08 (PDF)


TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH has been operating for more than 20 years in the import and export of merchandise and articles of daily use from the Asian market area to the European and reverse. We have a lot of experience in the production, the quality control, the shipment and the purchase and the import of merchandise from Asian market areas.

TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH operates flexible on technical und economical innovations. We produce articles of merchandise and daily use according to your wishes and demands. We procure and import these goods to Europe and store or deliver them throughout Europe.

Our main fields of activity are garden furniture, pavilions and sun shades as well as equipment such as long beergarden set covers and granite umbrella bases.

container import ex works - service free of charge - ex warehouse - production according to customer's needs

TL Import-Export Handels-GmbH combines the advantages of both European and Asian cultures to a perfect symbiosis.

European reliability and sense of quality
paired with
Asian diligence and low-priced manufacturing

This is the foundation for the trust that suppliers, producers and customers place in us.

Warehouse sale www.tl-gmbh.de

TL Import-Export operates a retail store "ex warehouse" in Frankfurt am Main. Get more information from the separate homepage under www.tl-gmbh.de