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We conduct our own inspections of production sites as well as on purchasing directly in Asia. Die Verschiffung und der Import für Kunden in Deutschland kann auf Basis folgender Modalitäten durchgeführt werden:

• FOB - ex port of delivery; customer will take care of transportation to his destination.
• CFR - until German or other port of discharge; customer will take care of container transportation to his warehouse.
• free delivered; the whole import until customer's warehouse effected by TL Import-Export (Germany only).

Information on prices is usually based on a container quantity. It is possible to have mixed containers loaded with smaller quantities of items. But we reserve the right to decline any import order not economically viable.

For any significant price information customers and those interested should always give us the envisaged quantity of items. Information on overseas freight rates can be given only at the most of a two months period ahead due to rapidly changing rates.

Inquiries concerning availability and the quantity of items ex warehouse should be directed to our office! Any price information shall not be binding unless given in written form by the company management.